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Program Overview

We offer courses regarding business development, website optimization, e-commerce systems and digital marketing planning, students can gain up-to-date and workable industry knowledge.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Fundamentals –

Living in this digital age, you need to have the perfect approach to your business in order to win in the market. By 2017, Facebook had already accumulated 1.94 billion monthly active users. Want to make good use of this platform with impeccable base of resources? Join our workshop to get insights and techniques to thrive your business fast!

Facebook Plus+ (Advanced) –

We are going to provide you a deeper look into Facebook marketing. You will learn how to use re-marketing and Power Editor to setup a Facebook campaign to your target customers. We will also introduce Google Analytics, a tool for you to better analyze the effectiveness of your Ads, understand the interest of your customers.

Facebook Plus+ is divided into two sessions:
 1. Facebook Power Editor – Practical application
 2. Precise targeting on Facebook

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Fundamentals -

You can learn the secret techniques that Google Academy would never tell you in this workshop. This workshop would provide you with the insights on how to select your keywords, write your own Google text Ad and optimize Google Display Network (GDN).   

Google AdWords Advanced -
Little tricks bring big success! We are going to walk you through how to track conversions and optimize campaign performance. Other interesting topics include dynamic remarketing, countdown, dynamic keywords. Get ready to grow your digital business!

e-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course for Fundamentals -

Digital marketing has been developed as a key component to promote your own brand and products. In 2017, spending on digital advertising in Hong Kong is projected to surpass expenditure on traditional media campaigns, from 42% to 51%. Get inspired to jump-start your business to a new level at our course – which effectively implements powerful digital marketing campaigns with our step-by-step guide! This course will provide you an in-depth understanding of what you need to successfully execute and create for your business!

e-Commerce Solutions Workshop -

If you are facing difficulties in choosing your e-commerce system, this workshop will definitely help you. Speaker will introduce the existing e-commerce solutions in the market, comparing their pros and cons based on their functions. You will be able to choose the right solution at different business stages, and how to an effective digital marketing campaign to build the foundation for expanding the business.

Digital Marketing 4.0 -

Marketing Automation, a whole new marketing concept in Hong Kong. It refers to the personalized interaction with the customers with the application of the digital tools. You will get to know the scoring concept in marketing automation so as to integrate it into your marketing strategy, build long-term relationships with customers, and convert old clients into new customers.

Smark Global Digital Marketing Seminar -

Does online marketing simply means doing marketing online? Definitely not! Smark Global Digital Marketing Seminar will get you through all the must-know key points, including, Concepts of Campaign Performance Analysis and Optimization, Performance Index of Evaluating a Website, Step-by-step Guide on Determining Target Groups, Secrets in Running a Profitable Digital Marketing Campaign, etc. to win moments that matter in digital marketing.

Business Development

SME Business Development Group Consultancy* -

With more than 30 years of experience in sales, promotion and opening new markets, our speaker will use her clients’ cases to inspire you. The group consultancy will mainly focus on SME business development, including interpersonal network, operation management, team management, online opportunities, etc.

(*Each participant will get a customized short report, which covers market overview and preliminary development strategies.)