79% experience a dissatisfying website visit are less likely to buy        

Why website is important to your business?

With 93% of business purchase decisions start with a Search Engine search (Source: Search Engine Journal, 2012), nowadays enterprises are aware of the importance of having a website. Yet, merely having a website is far from capturing all the potential benefits that a GOOD website can bring.

But what means a good website? In one word, PERFORMANCE.

Your company website is often the first impression that you show to your potential clients.

Online marketing campaigns can never substitute good website

Over the past few years, we held over 100+ seminars and workshops from which we found a phenomenon commonly shared by most of our participants –

This formula seems to be true, but in between something has been overlooked: will you trust a brand with marvelous advertisement but unfriendly staff, unpleasant environment and so on? Website is indeed representing your brand and professionalism, which directly affects your sales and revenue.

Unpleasant online experience may even result in lost store sales

“79% online shoppers who experience a dissatisfying visit are less likely to buy from that site again while 27% are even less likely to buy from the site's physical store; 64% would simply buy from another online store” (Source: Akamai®, 2009)

Therefore, a good website shall be performing well in:

  • Generating Sales Revenue
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty
  • Capturing Potential Clients
  • Ranking High in Search Engine (93% of business purchase decisions are from Search Engine!)
  • Providing Friendly User Experience
  • Complementing Marketing and Promotion


If your website is working well in the above aspects, congratulations! You are on the right track of benefiting from online channels. However, if you feel that your website may require some improvement or maybe you are not quite sure about how your website is performing, click here to check our latest SG WebUp Report out!